Considering taking a trip to the jungle to take Ayahuasca? – Here are 10 things you need to know!

by | Jul 20, 2022

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You’re probably wondering if you should take a trip to the jungle to take Ayahuasca after reading about all of its benefits.

Ayahuasca is a natural substance that has helped people see things from a new perspective, and it has also helped them overcome their fears.

This substance is known for its ability to bring about personal change as well as remedy mental illnesses.

However, taking ayahuasca may not be for everyone, also you may not feel comfortable going to the jungle?

Should you not feel like taking so much of your time to travel all that way?

Well, we’re here to let you know why it’s actually a better idea to find an ayahuasca retreat near you instead of going to the jungle.


You Don’t Have to Travel to the Jungle to Find an Ayahuasca Retreat Near You

If your main reason for not wanting to go to the Amazon to drink ayahuasca is one of convenience, we have good news: you can still find an ayahuasca retreat near you.

We’re not saying that you don’t have to travel at all to try out the brew.

But you can still go to a place that isn’t the Amazon rainforest.

There are many places around the world other than South America where you can have an ayahuasca retreat.

Asia, for example, is home to many indigenous cultures that use ayahuasca as part of their traditional ceremonies.

There are also ayahuasca retreats in other places around the world, from North America to Europe, that are as authentic and legitimate as any you’d find in the Amazon.

1. Going to the Jungle Requires a Lot of Preparation, Which is Scary

The Amazon is a place of extremes. It’s humid, it’s full of life, it’s extremely hot and extremely cold, and you’re likely to get sick from the food, the water, or the insects.

In fact, a study conducted by the University of California found that drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon means you’re 29 times more likely to contract a parasitic infection.

That’s not a small risk, and it’s not one you should take lightly.

Going to the Amazon, you’ll also have to accustom yourself to the jungle.

Ayahuasca ceremonies tend to take place in what are known as “huts,” round wooden structures that are open to the elements.

Because they lack walls and windows, they’re often filled with mosquitoes.

Once you’ve come down from the brew, you’ll likely want to stay in a jungle lodge, which means you’ll be surrounded by insects all night long.

2. Going to the Jungle Means Being Out of Your Comfort Zone

As we’ve already said, ayahuasca retreats in the Amazon are not for the faint of heart.

But it’s not just the risk of illness or the risk of getting bitten that makes the jungle a scary place.

The whole idea of the ayahuasca experience is being out of your comfort zone. You may be put into intimate and vulnerable situations.

You may be forced to face deep issues that you weren’t even aware were there. You may be exposed to the very darkest parts of yourself.

Going to a jungle retreat means that you’re removing yourself from all the things that are familiar to you.

You’re far from your home, your friends, and your family.

You’re in a place where you know no one, where you know nothing about what’s safe and what’s not safe.


3. Going to the Jungle Means an Existing Culture Shock for You

Ayahuasca, when used in the right way, is a very powerful and profound experience.

But the problem with going to the jungle to drink the brew is that it means that you’ll be experiencing the Amazonian culture.

As we’ve said, the jungle is a very extreme place, and it’s a very different place than the one in which most Westerners live.

It’s humid, it’s hot, it’s dense, it’s full of life. It’s also very poor.

In a lot of ways, the Amazon is a very desperate and poverty-stricken place.

It’s not the place for people looking for a vacation or a spa experience.

It’s a place for people who are serious about drinking ayahuasca.

Going to the jungle means that you’re going to be in the midst of an extreme culture shock.

4. Going to the Jungle Means Finding a Good Retreat Is Harder

As we’ve seen, going to the jungle is not exactly an easy option. However, there is also the fact that finding a good ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon is going to be hard.

You may not be able to find a legitimate retreat that adheres to your values.

You may not be able to find a retreat that will actually help you.

You may have to go to a place known for its questionable practices and lack of proper sourcing and that’s something you definitely want to avoid.

Not only are you putting your health at risk, but you’re also putting your money at risk, as some of these places are known to be scams.


5. Finding an Ayahuasca Retreat Near You Is Safer

We’ve established that drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon is not a walk in the park.

It is intense, it is risky, and it is not for everyone.

And so, although you can still find an authentic ayahuasca retreat if you go to the Amazon, we believe that it is smarter to find an ayahuasca retreat near you.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you don’t have to travel to the jungle to feel the effects of ayahuasca.

You can still go to a place that uses real ayahuasca, that has been used in indigenous culture for centuries, and that is used for spiritual and personal growth.


6. You’ll be able to integrate what you learn more easily.

One of the benefits of finding an ayahuasca retreat near you is that you will have a lot easier time integrating what you learn.

If you go to the jungle, you’ll have to return to your normal life, which may be very different from the jungle.

If you go to a place near where you live, though, you can seamlessly integrate what you learn and apply it to your life.

You can go back to your normal routine, but with a new and empowering perspective on life. You can bring what you learned with you, and it will be much easier to integrate it.

7. You’ll be less likely to run into health problems.

If you go to the jungle to drink ayahuasca, you’re likely to contract some kind of illness, whether it’s a parasite or just a general sickness.

That doesn’t mean you won’t contract anything if you go to a retreat near you.

It just means that it’s less likely to happen simply because you’re not in the jungle.

8. Going to the jungle is hardcore.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s only for hardcore people.

You can still find an authentic ayahuasca retreat near you that will be a safe and healing experience for you.

You can still go to a place where you can have a safe and authentic experience with ayahuasca. It doesn’t matter where you go; it matters how you go there.

If you decide that you don’t want to go to the jungle, you can still find an ayahuasca retreat near you that adheres to your values.

Is safe, and that will benefit you in all the ways that ayahuasca can.

9. Finding an ayahuasca retreat near you is also safer.

Since you don’t have to travel, you don’t have to take as many risks.

You’re not crossing into the realm of the unknown. especially if you have a fear of snakes, spiders, and mosquitos.

And all the rest of the elements you have to face when taking a trip to the jungle

10. The Most Important Part Of an Ayahuasca Retreat Is the Space

It’s very important that the space where you have a ceremony, its needs to be a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

It also helps if it’s somewhere that feels somewhat familiar, don’t get me wrong you can have great experiences in the jungle.

But for the average person finding a safe and comfortable place near you or in Europe would more than often be a safer choice.

One where you will find all of the creature comforts you know and are used to.


Have you ever considered taking a trip to the jungle and drinking Ayahuasca?

This powerful plant hallucinogen is known to be one of the most highly effective tools in helping people overcome emotional suffering and emotional trauma from negative experiences from their past.

You’ll have to make sure you choose the right retreat center and follow the rules so that you can get the maximum benefits.

Choose a place where you would feel safe and secure, so you can get the most out of this life-changing journey.

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