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Is it for men or women?

It is about honesty, openness, intelligence, kindness, and fun. These characteristics, in my opinion, are not gender specific. So, if you believe you possess these qualities, I encourage you to pursue them.

What should I do when I have been accepted for a retreat?

When you are accepted, we send an email with instructions. There is a Confirmation Form to be signed and returned to us, along with your payment.

Do I need to have any specific experience or background to join a Wellness Retreat?

Absolutely Not. We welcome everyone, regardless of spiritual beliefs/religion, sexual orientation, relationship type, or country of origin.

Will I have time for a massage or other treatment during the Retreat?

Definitely. There will be time each afternoon and after dinner, for you to make these arrangements. During this time there may be informal conversations or activities going on, but these will also be the best times for you to take advantage of other activities at the resort.

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