Enrique  Navarro

52 Years Old Mexican.

Right now, Earth’s four winds are blowing upon you.

This is a beautiful gift for your health and wellbeing so that you can attain higher knowledge.

Nobody can take this away from you because it is a gift, a blessing for you for the rest of your life

Born 53 years ago in Mexico. I have been very interested in mysticism and shamanism since I was young.

My first experience with plant medicine was as a teenager traveling through the Mexican deserts, which are rich in cactus containing psychedelic compounds (peyote).

At the age of seventeen, I decided to leave home and pursue my own career, at this point I worked mostly in restaurants.

Toad medicine (Bufo alvarius) came into my life many years later when I was over forty.

By that time I was a successful manager in a well-known restaurant in Spain, whilst at the same time going through a divorce process.


Bufo Medicine


Holding Space

Living With Intention


It was at this time I fell into a severe depression and felt the only way out was suicide by overdosing on large quantities of cocaine.

But a grateful encounter with my now long-time friend guided me directly to this sacred medicine that completely suddenly changed my life from one day to another.

The addiction and depression were gone,

After this process and the bufo medicine, I began to have lucid dreams, about Indians who shared their knowledge and experience with me in the Mexican Sonora Desert.

After a few months, I decided to follow those dreams and go to Sonora Mexico.

To my surprise, the elder of the Seri Indians tribe welcomes me with the words:

We’ve Been Expecting You! You’ll spend three weeks with us and medicine and then we’ll see if we will bless you to become a carrier of this sacred medicine.”

So it happened, my dreams were manifested,

And in February 2014 I received their knowledge to share this sacred medicine with the whole world.

I have been blessed with this work for the last eight years, about six thousand people have passed through my hands, as well as a few European and American celebrities.

During this time I have served in many countries in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, France, England & Ireland) and America (Mexico, Miami, Dallas, New York).

I have collaborated with scientists at the University of the Czech Republic and other institutes in Europe like MAPS & ICEERS on this research aimed at detecting people’s reintegration abilities.

Setting, safety standards and integrity as one of my priorities in the way of the ceremonies.

My Work Is My Mission.

And I do it to the best of my ability, with all my heart, for the highest good of all.

Namaste 💫



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