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Subconscious Retreats is a powerful way to move towards personal growth and self-love.

We offer an opportunity to turn inwards, away from the external world, and tap into our subconscious minds.

This process can help us explore our innermost feelings, Love, Consciousness, and Empathy and unlock the door to a true understanding of ourselves.

Bringing People Together

Through these retreats we can access insights that are hidden deep within us, connecting us with the power of self-reflection and healing.

The opportunity for introspection enables us to both identify any blocks or limitations holding us back as well as uncover new paths for growth and transformation.

We are able to let go of fear and negative emotions in order to open up our hearts once again; allowing unconditional love for ourselves to fully ascend.

Amazing Moments

This Ayahuasca retreat is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for an immersive experience that can completely transform their lives.

This amazing journey combines elements of spirituality, healing, and self-care to create beautiful memories that will last forever.

Guests of this retreat will be invited to take Kambo, Bufo, and Ayahuasca as part of their transformative experiences.


Begin Your Journey

Join us for an unforgettable, transformational retreat where you can begin your journey to true self-love and conscious living.

Our retreats offer an all-encompassing approach that allows participants to dive deep into the realms of love, consciousness, and empathy.

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