Preparation For Your Journey

Through this ceremony you will be traveling with the Spirits of Kambo, Bufo & Ayahuasca, so your energy body must be light

This is not science fiction, this is Higher Spiritual Science!

It is an essential requirement that you follow a diet, at least 2 weeks before the ceremony, that is charged with the energy of light.

This effectively raises your vibration, creating an internal environment conducive to the detoxification of the body.

This also guarantees that your time in the ceremony is spent emptying past trauma and healing wounds rather than simply clearing away low vibrational food waste!

Following a strict diet Subconsciously prepares the mind and body for healing and demonstrates your sincere desire to evolve.

The diet must begin no less than seven days before the first day of your ceremonies. It must also be followed for three days following this paradigm-shifting event.

What Can I Eat

Salads, steamed/cooked / raw veg, rice, millet, buckwheat, yeast-free bread, seeds, nuts, soups, herbs, and fruit.

On the day of the ritual, we now encourage people to not fast but to eat well up until 12 noon. It is important to have some sustenance for the night ahead.

Please do not eat after 12 noon as it is important to have at least seven hours with no food prior to the ceremony. It is obviously fine to still take on liquids.

Eat Clean

Because the ‘Medicine’ detoxifies both mind and body, it is best to be as clean as possible before your Ceremony.

Get Exercise

Even if it’s just regular walks, doing some type of exercise is great for you, to feel your body’s brilliance.

Bring A Journal

Is a great way to use a dedicated to helping channel the vibrational energy of the life desired onto paper.

Foods To Avoid

  • All animal products (that’s all meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, especially cheeses)

  • Microwaved food, processed food, fermented products (yogurt, sauerkraut, soy sauce, pickles, miso, etc.)

  • Yeast containing products;

  • Coffee, chocolate, all alcohol,

  • Overly ripe (if they are going black) bananas and avocados, all beans (lentils are ok), any supplements or protein drinks containing the amino acid “Tryamine”.

  • Avoid sugar and salt.

  • Avoid all spices plus “firey foods” such as chillis, ginger, and onion which should be avoided. Use fresh herbs instead for flavor.

  • All narcotics, antihistamines or analgesics, and ephedrine (found in some herbal stimulants, cold remedies, and often in Chinese herbal remedies).

Further Preparation!

For Great Results

Refrain From Reading News Papers

Hearing radio news or watching TV etc. on the day of the session and for as many days before as works for you. Avoid violent films, video games, and anything that entails excessive violence in the week prior.

Abstinence From Sexual Activity

For at least 3 days prior to the ceremony, continuing for a few days afterward. This is a need to conserve dynamic sexual energy for investment in the ceremony, enabling one to focus more purely on the spiritual and curative dimensions of the ceremony.

Prepare The Mind

for several days prior to the ceremony, avoid situations that generate negative emotions or stress. Practice calming the mind with meditation, yoga, nature walks, ta’i-chi, qi gong, hot baths etc. Avoid TV, bad movies, shopping malls….any of the myriad spiritual and psychic toxins of mass culture. Bring to a close any work that remains unfinished and, if possible, resolve conflicts in your relationship so that your mind can be as free of these burdens and distractions as possible.

Setting Your Intentions  

Is extremely helpful Consider carefully what you hope to learn from the experience. What are the problem areas of your life you’d like to work on? What kind of knowledge and healing are you seeking? Think honestly about your purpose. Your intentions will help to guide you through the experience and can deepen and enrich your learning. We will also set some intentions for the group and share these just before the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What should I expect from a plant medicine retreat?

During the retreat, you can expect to have breakthroughs and realizations that if implemented, can bring significant improvements to your quality of life. While these realizations are often described as “ineffable” or impossible to describe, the opportunities/realizations typically fit into one of these three broad categories:

1. Opportunities for improving how you relate to yourself (e.g. being more loving towards yourself, stop blaming yourself, or being so hard on yourself).

2. Opportunities for improving how you relate to others (e.g. being more patient, empathetic, understanding. Seeing your loved ones as perfect as they are). 

3. Opportunities for improving how you relate to the world and environment (e.g. how you can improve the world, how to live more consciously, sustainably, etc)

These realizations that become available through the wisdom of plant medicine are often described as feeling “more real” than everyday waking reality. The key in our experience is to integrate these experiences – and to weave the opportunities for improvement into your daily life.

There are many stories of personal breakthroughs and transformations available online, and we would encourage our customers to spend a bit of time reading about them or watching them on YouTube.

How do I know if plant medicine will be safe for me?

For all of our customers, we do extensive medical and psychological screening to ensure you are a suitable candidate for plant medicine therapy.

Some plant medicines (e.g. Ayahuasca) are more physically intensive than others, and so dietary changes are recommended ahead of your retreat experience.

In all cases, we will guide you along the way to ensure your safety and security.

What is happening from a neurological perspective?

As we progress through life, it is common for our ways of thinking to become more “hard-wired” over time.

We become lazy or “efficient” in our cognition, and our response to stimuli from the world becomes more automatic, almost pre-determined. 

It can be useful to think about that friend or family member who has become so rigid in their ways of thinking, that you already know how they will respond to some piece of news or information. 

Like it or not, this hardwiring, or loss in neuroplasticity is happening to the majority, and research has shown that the strength of our Default Mode Network (DMN) plays a crucial role.

Given the amount of stimulus and the complexity of the world, our DMN simplifies and automates our response to what our brains come to consider as an overwhelming amount of information. 

In a positive light, this can be seen as necessary and energy-efficient. However, this can also be considered a loss of human consciousness and potential.

When we work with plant medicine, the activity in our DMN is temporarily dampened, and we are provided unprecedented access to our own cognition.

We experience a sort of reconciliation between the respective components of our brain. fMRI scans have shown that under the influence of plant medicine, the neurology of an individual looks similar to a practiced monk who has meditated for 20,000+ hours. In a sense, plant medicine opens a door and lights a path to improved and expanded states of consciousness that can be made available for all.

Through even a temporary experience in these states supported by plant medicine, people typically see and feel how they can make improvements to their own lives.

Additionally, it is quite common for people to take up contemplative practices (mindfulness, meditation) to experience the benefits in a more sustainable fashion.

Why Work With Subconscious Retreats?

At Subconscious Retreats, we put our customers first.

We provide safe, legal, and luxurious environments for your journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

We work with the highest quality Shamanic Healers and coaches and adhere to the highest medical and safety standards to provide the best available context for our guests.

We provide a convenient end-to-end service that includes education, therapy/coaching, travel to the retreat, and integration of your experience into your daily life.

We also provide post-retreat support to our customers, connecting you with sustainable practices to maintain positive momentum.

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