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5-NIghts Plant Medicine Retreat – Kambo, Bufo, Ayahuasca!

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Testament To The True Creative Nature Of The Universe


We Find It Important To Have Pre Assessment Interviews, To Help Us Better Understand Any Pre-medical Conditions, That Any Potential Customers May Have! 

At least a few weeks in advance, including and providing all of the necessary information for the pre-preparation for the ceremony, also for the subsequent reintegration with a list of tools to help!

Bufo / 5 Meo Medicine is severed to a maximum of 7 people per day,  and also one on one sessions are available separately.

Everyone is given as much time as they need to settle down and reintegrate, after the medicine then we start working with the next person.

During the ceremony, chanting, mantras, Tibetan bowls, or shamanic drums are used.

Everyone has the option to choose according to their intuition from the two medicines I work with.

(Bufo alvarius or pure 5-Meo-DMT).

Also, everyone has the choice of whether they would like to use the medicine once, twice, or three times during the ceremony, this is depending on the Shaman’s intuition, the people’s needs, and previous experiences.

The process is as gentle as possible, you can do this sitting in the lotus position or just sitting down if you have difficulty with this specific posture, and I always respect the client’s space during the process.

Hape! is given for grounding on request.

The process of ego loss is experienced by many like a process of death and rebirth or oneness with the whole Universe.

Bringing mental clarity, increased motivation, awareness, the joy of life, a sense of inner peace and calm, releasing fear of death, attachment to past trauma and habitual negative thought patterns into ordinary life.

The ceremony is followed by a communal sharing of experiences and food before everyone leaves to go enjoy their rebirth.

This Work Is Our Mission.

And we do it to the best of our ability, with all of our hearts, for the highest good of all.

Your Journey!

Day 1 – Welcome Day

The day of arrival is a relaxed day as people are coming from different locations around the world.

The Check-in is 8 am-17.00 pm

Introduction Talk


Day 2 – Kambo Ceremony 

Kambo will detoxify and prepare the physical body for a deeper connection and experience with the Bufo Alvarius for you fully connect with the universe. 


Day 3 – The Bufo Experience

Morning Meditation + Stretching / 8 am-9 am

Then Breakfast

One-on-One Bufo Ceremonies

The First Group for Bufo must fast this day – 9 am -2 pm

LUNCH – 2-3 pm

Free time to relax -3-5 pm


Day 4 – The Bufo Experience / First Ayahuasca Ceremony

Morning Meditation + Stretching / 8 am-9 am

Then Breakfast

One-on-One Bufo Ceremonies

The Second Group for Bufo must fast this day – 9 am -2 pm

LUNCH – 2-3 pm

Free time to relax -3-5 pm

Ayahuasca Ceremony Begins at 7 pm

Day 5 – Ayahuasca Ceremony

Optional Breakfast With fruits between 9 / 11 am

Sharing Circle

Light Lunch 11 to 12 pm

Fast for the rest of the day

Optional – Craniosacral Therapy – Massage

Ayahuasca ceremony Begins at 7 pm

Day 6 – Last Day but First Day Of The New You!

Closing Circle & Cacao Ceremony,

The rebirth of your new life,

Optional coaching, and Integration available on request

Namaste 🙏

With all  Team Members

Kambo Medicine

What is Kambo?

How does kambo medicine work?

What happens during a Kambo ceremony?

Bufo Alvaruis - 5 Meo / DMT

Bufo Alvarius – 5 MeO / What to expect?

Toad medicine encounter Conclusion?

The Journeying Begins?


The Experience of Ayahuasca?

Importance of Ayahuasca Medicine?

Ayahuasca and Your Purpose in Life?


All-Inclusive Plant Medicine Journey

Imagine yourself on a journey of rediscovering and reawakening your natural connection to the earth and its inhabitants.

Through this immersive, all-inclusive plant medicine journey, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and magic of nature while also exploring your own Personal Healing and Spiritual Growth.

You will leave with the feeling of Oneness, and a Deeper Connection to all that Is!

Refreshed, Reborn & Rejuvenated, and better equipped to deal with life in a Loving, Carefree & Harmonious Way!

What’s Included?


5, Nights Accommodation


Airport Transfers


Delicious vegetarian food


Kambo Cleanse


Bufo 5 Meo Experience


Ayahuasca Ceremonies


Cacao Ceremony


Like-minded and open-hearted people


Sharing and Integration


Great energy with good and healing vibes


Kundalini Yoga / Meditation / Relaxing Massage

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