The Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine – Wake-Up To Your Higher Self

by | May 29, 2022

In the world of shamanic plant medicines, there are those that are considered to be quite heavy on the esoteric side.

These are also called “ challenging plants” because they require a certain amount of preparation or “readiness” before one is able to work with them safely and effectively.

One such medicine is the poisonous Bufo alvarius toad—more commonly known as the Colorado River toad, desert toad, or green toad.

This creature is found in the arid regions of the American southwest, and its venom is so potent it can kill a human being in less than 20 minutes.

Bufo 5 MeO

Just like many other plants used for healing and spiritual transformation, it contains psychoactive alkaloids.

This means that when ingested by humans in controlled amounts it can induce profound mystical experiences and insights.

That promotes enlightenment experiences!

Bufo alvarius is a semi-aquatic amphibian found in Mexico’s Sonoran desert.

That carries more than a dozen tryptamine chemicals that are found in their cutaneous glands.

Including bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT, this is a natural neurotransmitter in the human brain.

How does It work?

When our brain absorbs enough of this neurotransmitter and is set to advanced mode, we experience “total ego dissolution.”

Individuality is completely erased, and all walls that divide us from other essences collapse, allowing us to merge for a few minutes with the source of all energy and consciousness in the universe, giving us a sensation of absolute inner serenity and unconditional love.

What is it for?

The experience is ideal for resolving traumas manifested as anxiety, despair, and addictions.

It is also strongly suggested for seemingly healthy persons to improve awareness of oneself and the nature of reality in order to resolve growing mental and emotional knots.

Which might emerge physically as psychosomatic disorders if not resolved.

Psychedelic medications, such as Bufo, can help someone who is eager to work with trauma.

While it might give you the confidence to face and overcome painful situations, it can also be challenging.

The good news is that you’ll generally return to a wonderful state of forgiveness, love, and oneness with the universe on Bufo.

The experience of becoming one with the divine source is referred to as samadhi, or blissfully divine experience, in which the ego and mind dissolve.

A pure consciousness journey that feels limitless and infinite.

The feeling is hard to describe with words but suffice it to say there is an ego death and this is the beauty of the Bufo Alvarius experience.

Bufo Alvarius

How To Prepare For a Bufo Alvarius Ceremony?

3 Months Before The Ceremony

● No Ayahuasca

● Stop taking antidepressants especially IMAO

●Isocarboxazida (Marplan)​

●Fenelzina (Nardil)

●Selegilina (Emsam)

●Tranilcipromina (Parnate)

1 Week Before The Ceremony

● No recreational drugs

● No alcohol

● Remain open-minded and surrender to the experience.

This is a perfect time to practice mindfulness, and this also is a great time for practicing meditation and intention setting.

Heath & Safety

Bufo Alvarius therapy cannot be used safely if you have any of the following medical problems.

● If you have a heart condition

● If you have had a stroke

● If you have had a brain hemorrhage

● If you have had a blood clot

Bufo Avarius is very useful for self-exploration healing trama and releasing all negative emotions.

And one of the best life experiences out there!

If you are not sure about any of these conditions, please consult your doctor before, engaging in this life-transforming ceremony

Namaste 💫

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